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These groups of stakeholders (animal keepers, rescue groups, feed companies, retailers and welfare societies) are working together to see how the DEFRA vision for the Animal Health & Welfare Strategy can be taken forward for the various groups of companion animals.
The task involves defining the sector - all of the different roles for companion animals within the sector and the various involved and interested parties. Once this task is done it is necessary to identify measurables, numbers, relative importance of problems etc. From this it is important to identify the problems faced by the animals and their keepers and to see how they can be addressed whilst keeping in mind the goal of improving animal health and welfare.
For the moment you are encouraged to contact the various specialist groups involved in this initiative if you would like to make a suggestion, offer advice or know more. Links to their websites can be found on the Links page.
This site is a repository for the current documents generated by the Companion Animal Sub-sector Councils.