Genetic Welfare Problems of Companion Animals

A terrific micro-website has been brought to our attention, although CASC and CAWC members were involved in the first meeting of this group we were not aware that a micros-website had been established. The reason that this work didn't proceed in species other than dogs was that welfare groups, TV and p;politicians all jumped on the dog issue and it diverted all resources to the Dog Advisory Group.

This works needs continuing so CASC members will be developing this.

Genetic Welfare Problems of Companion Animals

DEFRA consultation on the licensing of animal establishments in England.

DEFRA have launched a consultation on the licensing of animal establishments in England.

This will be potentially far reaching and an opportunity to tidy up some of the poor regulation, apply some regulation where none exists. This could include keepers of animals who choose to breed, it will certainly include Pet Shops and how animals are supplied to the public.

This is the opportunity to contribute to a system which WILL change, there are lists being proposed on animals people should be allowed to keep, or of animals that pet owners shouldn't be allowed to keep or sell, and there are suggestions for traffic light systems to give a quick guide as to the difficulty of keeping and providing for certain species.

We have to bear in mind the poor legislation that already exists e.g. Dangerous Wild Animals Act, Dangerous Dogs Act. These sought to control and ban through the back door and have a poor level of compliance because of the costs of enforcement. Evidence of poor enforcement is important, because legislation which can't be enforced properly is bad legislation.

This is your chance to contribute towards good legislation.

The consultation can be found at:

CASC made a submission, as did its members individually, we also joined with the Dog and horse sector councils to send a joint letter to the Minister

Meeting to discuss pet vending

A meeting is being held at DEFRA (they are kindly providing a room).
The supply and acquisition of pets poses challenges with changes such as the internet, free movement across Europe and ensuring an understanding by keepers of the needs of animals. These challenges are already being reviewed by a broad cooperation across the canine sector, with a view to pragmatic suggestions that will encourage responsible dog supply and stop abuses.

Other Groups within Companion Animal Sector Council would like to encourage the same dialogue for their interests (excluding cats, dogs and horses) and so are convening a meeting to start this dialogue. Solutions will take some time and work to emerge, and may well include responsibilities for individuals, clubs, commerce and local and national government, and should be coordinated with the canine initiative.

The Companion Animal Sector Council therefore will be convening this initial meeting, hosted at Defra, with endorsement for the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England, with a range of stakeholders representative of those an interest in Responsible supply of pets in the future.

Because of space constraints we have to limit spaces but if you feel that your group should be present please email us and we will see if they already are, or can be.