Peter Scott FRCVS was encouraged by Lord Soulsby and Sir Colin Spedding to represent CAWC (the Companion Animal Welfare Council) on the England Implementation Group (EIG) and through that group CASC was set up. Although a somewhat artificial collaboration of companion animal sub-sectors the task was to get them all on the same page re goals and means of delivery of the DEFRA Animal Health & Welfare Strategy.

The CASC core group meeting had representation from REPTA, OATA (members of PAC), FBA, FOCAS, Parrot Society, Pet Care Trust (members of PAC), PFMA (members of PAC), RWAF, Pets at Home, British Rabbit Council, FBH, NCA.

The Kennel Club saw the benefit of the group and became involved and a meeting was held at the House of Lords in July 2012 to bring all of the interested parties together. The various welfare groups also attended.

Thee Kennel Club, Dogs Trust and Battersea encouraged the formation of the Canine & Feline Sector Group, this is still loosely linked to CASC but is now a very strong mature sector.

The grand plan was always to develop the Health & Welfare strategies, then move onto Codes of Practice – to be called Good Practice Guidelines to avoid confusion with DEFRA CoPs (at their request).

The GPGs would then link to existing stakeholder produced care sheets ie a ‘proper’ developed structured strategy from stakeholders giving an overall animal health & welfare strategy for their sub-sector, leading to broad Good Practice Guidelines and species based care sheets – ALL PREPARED BY STAKEHOLDERS WITH ADVICE FROM VETS ETC